Monday, March 28, 2011

Food and Technology: Free Kindle Applications

My ipad has a wipe-clean screen
protector so I can use it on the
kitchen counter while cooking
  How many of you own a Kindle or an iPad?  Did you know that there are free Kindle applications available allowing you to view your Kindle purchases on your PC, laptop, iPhone or iPad? 

For example, the Kindle is currently only black and white.  However, I have installed the free Kindle application on my iPad, and I have purchased a Kindle version of a Slow-Cooker cookbook, which I am able to view on the iPad as well as my Kindle.

Now I can stand my iPad on my kitchen counter while I make my recipe (my husband bought me a case which includes a stand – like a photo frame), and view the pictures in color.  I can also expand the size of the print to my liking. 

Here is the link on to the various free applications:


  1. I didn't know that. Instead of skipping kindle books I will take a look as they are often cheaper than the hard copy versions.