Saturday, March 26, 2011

Did you know? Food Trivia

Egyptians used to place their right hands on an onion when taking an oath.  Its round
shape symbolized eternity.

Norway consumes more spicy Mexican food than any other European nation.  I guess they often need warming up a little!

When margarine was first marketed in England it was called butterine.

Natural vanilla flavoring comes from orchids.

Japan’s favorite pizza toppings are eel and squid.  Pickled ginger, ground lamb and paneer (similar to cottage cheese) are popular in India.  Australian’s like shrimp and pineapple on their pizzas, and in France a popular pizza combo is the flambe, which is bacon, onion and fresh cream (yum!)

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  1. This was a fun post. I like reading trivia. Who knew that the humble onion once had such a high status.

    When I was in France and had the house pizza it came with anchovies and raw eggs. I still think they played an April Fools trick on the American tourists who didn't speak much French in a town that didn't speak much English.