Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Fave Five - I'm grateful for...

A blogger friend of mine posts five things she's grateful for every Friday.  She has talked me into doing the same so here goes! 

1.  Cooler days!  Summer is drawing to a close and today is only supposed to get to about 80 degrees.  It's almost noon and just 72 outside, so I'm planning on keeping the windows open all day - no air conditioning!  My dog Tally is also loving being able to wander in and out as she pleases.

2.  My son Chris has a new place to live.  He needed to be out of his current home by today.  The place he had lined up earlier in the week fell through and he and his two new roommates were scrambling to find somewhere.  They were able to find a house that fits their needs in Alameda and they can move in right away.

3.  I didn't have to pay at WeightWatchers this morning!  I have managed to stay at my goal weight so I am free!

4. I am grateful for the person who left a big bag of apples on my doorstep yesterday (my neighbor I think).  A sign that fall is truly here.  I can almost taste the apple pies, cakes, and butter that are most definitely in my future!  What else should I make with them?

5.  My stepdaughter - it is her birthday on Tuesday.  Happy Birthday Christi!  Plus, I am grateful for the precious grandson that her and her husband Al have given us - I got to babysit him for a whole day this week!


  1. What a precious little guy -- he looks like he might be a redhead!!

    I love your fall-filled Friday's Fave Five. It's great to have you join us. (Your dog is beautiful, by the way!)

  2. Welcome Gillian to Friday's Fave Five. Nice to have you joining in.

    What an adorable little grandson, such big beautiful eyes. I'll bet he brings you much joy! Good news for your son on his home. That would have been a nerve wracking experience. Glad it all worked out for him.

    Congrats on making your goals at WW.

  3. Wahoo - you joined us for this FFF, Gillian. It was fun reading your list for this week. You write just like you talk, very homey and welcoming.

    I am so glad that Chris found a new place. Did you end up going there to help him move?

    Love the photo of your two "kiddos."

    Congrats on being free at ww this week. Amazing considering you made that LOVELY pan of salted caramel brownies. I sure enjoyed the ones you gave me the next day with a glass of orange juice.